Jetveo: Try Out the Intuitive All-in-One Platform and App Builder
Change is never easy, but staying the course and being passive is not always the best option.
Forget an Inspection? Prepare to Pay!
App notifications protect against faulty human memories so that you don't miss long-term deadlines and allow once-a-year tasks sneak up on you.
Low-code Programming: Power to the People
You don't need years of education to make apps anymore. Low-code programming requires only basic knowledge of C#.
23 Ways Low-code Programming is Better than Classic Programming
What happens when you pit Low-code Programming against Classic Programming? Spoiler Alert: Low-code wins! Click to see the infographic for details.
Technology is Only As Good as its Human Users
The rise of technology has been like a flood that raised everyone to higher levels. Most of the time, adding technology is the right move. Just make sure to convince everyone.
How to Establish An Efficient Information-gathering Workflow
An online Customer Relations Management (CRM) application streamlines the laborious process of getting information from new customers, both saving time and reducing errors.
Boost Any Business with a Bespoke App
Every business can find ways to implement technology to improve operations. For example: Facility Management offers a general case study for the many possibliities.
Later-life Career Change to Low-code Programming
Jetveo low-code programming is intuitive. Novice programmers quickly get up to speed, whether they are fresh out of school, self-taught entrepreneurs, or people who are making late-career changes.
Smooth Out the Wrinkles
Iron out the ingrained and inefficient patterns of your company with software that can be tailored to your exacting requirements.
Jetveo: Accelerate Your Digital Transformation
Low-code programming provides an efficient way to quickly upgrade businesses to take advantage of the latest that technology has to offer.
The Jetveo Secret Sauce
Jetveo leverages low-code programming with its own built-from-the-ground-up platform and app builder to enable partners and developers to create bespoke software quickly and efficiently
Simplify Operations to Focus on Important Tasks
Bespoke software has eliminated many organizational inefficiencies. Now only the (sometimes) misbehaving toddlers create headaches.
Laying the Foundations for Success
The life of a start-up is intense, especially establishing the initial foundations, but reaching a comfortable stride is worth all of the blood, sweat, and tears.
Secure Your Passwords with a Bespoke System
Establish a password management system for your business with bespoke software. It is safe, yet inexpensive.
Digitalization is Everywhere
From the Beer We Drink to the Business Operations We Want to Improve
Jetveo: Simplify Your Development
A bit of programming, a bit of code, and no complex programming. The Jetveo platform wasn't designed to be complicated. So it isn't.
Streamline Your Hiring Process
There are many ways that bespoke software can improve a business. Here is just one: online employee onboarding.
Pop the Bubble: Time to Learn about Low-code
It is worth your while to learn about how low-code programming is changing software development — and how it can streamline your business operations.
Bespoke Apps Bridge the Gaps
Daily operations often reveal unexpected rough spots in Financial Management operations. Apps will save time and increase efficiency.
Take Your Business to the Perfect Flow State
Mindful leadership can get people and processes to work in perfect coordination for both common tasks and overall business success.
Tune In to the Low-code Craze
Catch Jetveo CEO Dalibor Houfek at the CAFIN conference on Oct. 13 in Prague to learn how low-code programming can help your business
Welcome Aboard, Connexa!
The Jetveo Partner Program Adds Another Innovative IT Company
Low-code Programming: The Excel of the Future
Low-code programming is in the sweet spot between classic programming and no-code programming: easy to use and extremely powerful.
Still Use Old Software? Beware.
Apple, Microsoft, and Google have all retired once-popular technology. Bespoke software that perfectly fits your business might be the safer long-term option.
Observations from Startup Tech Conferences
Articles and online research provide only half the story. If you want to learn about European startups, dive into the deep end at tech conferences in Spain and Slovenia.
Jetveo is Hitting the Road
Spain this week. Slovenia next week. Stop by our conference booth to find out how we can help you.
Hi Gatsby. We’re Jetveo.
Jetveo implements headless CMS template to establish a comprehensive blog site with a Gatsby frontend.
Buy or Build (or Build with a Low-code Platform)
If the rigidness of one-size-fits-all software is prohibitive, building custom software (with a fast and efficient low-code platform) may be the cost-efficient solution to propel your business.
Boot Camp: Learn Jetveo Basics while Building an App
No early mornings. No pushups. Just a fast introduction to how to quickly and efficiently make apps with the Jetveo App Builder.
Jetveo Partner Program Provides Agility for IT Companies
Large IT companies have the resources, but with Jetveo Platform and our Partner Program they will gain speed and increase productivity.
Relax. Use Jetveo to Quickly Increase Productivity
The Jetveo low-code platform solves many nagging problems, including: speeding up long and expensive development processes; developing junior programmers to help those tough-to-find and expensive senior programmers; keeping proprietary knowledge in-house; and many more.
Low-code Programming Speeds Development
Everywhere you look, speed and efficiency are hallmarks of contemporary society. People want things now and they want them without hassle.
The same applies to the development of technology: Customers want apps to bolster their business operations and they needed them yesterday.
Jetveo Public Launch
Pulic lunch of Jetveo Platform and Applications Builder that combines low-code with the power of C# language. Try Now for Free.
Narodní Divadlo Case Study
Technology to Bolster Tradition: Apps for the National Theatre of Prague
From Cradle to International Business Success
How Bamboolik used Jetveo technology to Streamline its Warehouse.
From Retail to Building Apps
How the Jetveo App Builder Creates a Promising Career