Jetveo Designed for Developers

Develop New Applications Faster Than Ever Before

Our platform is perfect fit for building custom business applications and intranet portals.

Jetveo allows you to deliver process digitalization and automation in a fraction of the time and with considerably less effort. It is often used to build CRM/ERP systems and for back-office apps. Build your backend for other client-facing applications (e.g., mobile, SPAs) in no time.

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Low-code Development
No need for years of high-level tech education. Use simplified rules to create a wide array of useful business tools.

Programming Flexibility
Use the skills and the programs that you are comfortable with to create solutions.

Seamless Integrations
No need to worry about losing data or waiting forever for information to flow to customers.

One-click Deployment
We support both cloud and on-premises environments. Our deployment process allows you to develop multiple instances of your applications, each with a different version and configuration.

Source Code Management
Our source code management allows you to do everything you are used to: manage code releases, establish forks and merge branches.

Easy Localization
Adjust your solutions to different countries and cultures by creating multilingual applications.

Jetveo Designed for Architects and CTOs

Consolidate. Be Productive. Sleep Well

Use our platform to consolidate all company applications and boost the productivity of your team.

Connect all of your applications with our simple and transparent integration feature. Forget about building complex APIs. Everything works out of the box. Monitor and manage everything with focused administration.

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Modern User Interface
The days of the command prompt are long gone. Point and click through our intuitive interface in order to build your apps.

Security on All Levels
Development on our platform is safe and error-proof because the platform provides whole architecture out of the box.

Enterprise-grade Scalability
The platform automatically builds a failover cluster when you enable high-availability mode.

Create your application logic and administration in Jetveo and build a custom SPA or mobile app that uses data and logic from the administration app.

Unified Monitoring
Set up notifications to inform your team instantly if anything happens. Oversee the performance and resource consumption of your applications.

Automatic Data Backup
Utilize our automatic data backup for your databases and documents.

Jetveo Designed for Managers and Business Owners

Cut the Costs of Your IT Development

With Jetveo your company can reduce IT and development budget by orders of magnitude. Stop using expensive systems and no more doubling the development team every year.

The Jetveo platform is the perfect fit for internal business applications, like CRMs, ERPs, HR Tools, help desks and more. It provides the fastest and most efficient way to full-company digitalization. Create business software, management and planning applications in a fraction of the time.

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Predictable Cost
Use a single platform to host all of your business applications. Get one invoice each month.

Remove a huge technological burden from your IT team. Jetveo will take care of many time-consuming tasks to allow your team to focus on business needs. Iterations usually take hours instead of weeks.

Fast, Safe and Secure
Save the time and resources of your IT team by using our low-code development platform to simplify and automate tasks.

We simplify expert fields, such as architecture, infrastructure, databases and security, so you don't have to hire expensive specialists for every application.

To build applications with Jetveo, just pick a vendor from one of our certified partners.

In case you have your own IT team we can provide platform onboarding and consultancy.

Legal Compliance
Legal compliance is built in. The platform can automatically anonymize personal or sensitive data and provide GDPR reports.

Marketplace Templates
Kick-start your development with existing application templates from Jetveo and other developers. Sell your applications on the Jetveo Marketplace.

We offer a wide variety of components for you to build upon and customize for your own solutions.