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Jetveo: Programming 4.0

Low-code platform with C# for real developers. Build and run business applications in a fraction of the time in a familiar environment.

Low-code Development
Programming Flexibility
Modern User Interface
One-click Deployment
Marketplace Templates
Security on All Levels
Legal Compliance
Unified Monitoring

How does it work?

Developers can define the data model, modify the UI, create workflows and business logic and write their own code. Once you are ready you can release and run the new application.


Developers define applications through the Jetveo administration portal. The definition is called an Application Package and consists primarily of:

  1. Database entities
  2. User interface description
  3. Business logic definition
  4. Custom code and integrations

The platform supports the versioning and branching of packages, similar to a git.

Data Model and Storage

Define data entities in a visual data model designer.

Multiple inheritances via shared aspects for greater data and logic reusability.

The platform handles all database management tasks, even migrations between application versions.

Applications use a SQLite database back end with a custom transactional layer. This allows us to simplify deployment and distribute load in horizontally scaled scenarios.

User Interface and Visualisation

Define the layout and position of each attribute and component.

Write expressions for the visibility and accessibility for each component.

Set default values or limit the available options based on your business logic.

Use validators to make sure your data is in the correct format and quality.

Programming Model

As a programmer, you have C# language and the full .NET 6 platform at your fingertips. Use your own DLL assemblies or add a NuGet package through the embedded NuGet search interface.

Administration provides a full coding experience with code suggestions, method signatures and documentation helpers. All changes in definitions are immediately available in code.

The platform provides various internal APIs for developers. For example:

  1. LINQ for database entities
  2. Application API (e.g., configuration, features, security claims, content templates, embedded resources)
  3. Document API for document attributes that allows you to attach new files or access individual revisions

Infrastructure and Deployment

Every application package can be deployed into a number of individual instances (typically Dev/Production/Feature instances).

All applications run in Docker containers for maximum security and isolation. The platform also supports on-premises deployments (i.e., Linux, Windows executables).


You can scale applications horizontally (same application for multiple different clients) and vertically (multiple resources for your application)

Create different versions of your application where you first test your changes on your DEVELOPMENT instance, then submit to the client for acceptance on the STAGING instance and update the PRODUCTION instance after approval.

Have one product and create a configurable instance for each of your customers.


The Jetveo platform produces whole web applications. They are stand-alone .NET 6 web applications with CQRS architecture and their own database.

The resulting applications are fully responsive and fast, you can incorporate any changes very quickly and easily.


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