Case Study

AVANT - Annual Report Generator

All industry has a certain amount of regulations and rules and oversight. The financial industry has more. Keeping all of the financial data organized and accessible is paramount. And time consuming. Unless, of course, you are able to create an application that combines financial data, dynamic text, templates and XBRLS and IFRS tags.
AVANT is a Czech investment company founded in 2007 that specializes in the establishment, management, and administration of qualified investor funds (QIF). It offers interesting investment opportunities intended for qualified investors.
We have to follow many financial regulations and requirements. One of them defines the structure for annual reports, which has to be both human and computer readable.
Managing partner

The Czech National Bank requires an annual report that includes tags (i.e., XBRLS/IFRS tags) that can be accessed digitally. This required time-consuming and manual work for more than a hundred funds. Other solutions that are available on the market are expensive and not ideal.


Tools on the Jetveo platform enabled the creation of an application to read the account data from ABRA software and then generate a draft report based on defined templates, text and tags. This made the text accessible to all of the important parties involved: accountants, auditors and fund owners. And, most importantly, the Czech National Bank.

Development with Jetveo
122 hours

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