After 20 years of working as developers or managing product development teams, we came to the conclusion that there had to be a better way to build software.

We face the same issues again and again and again.

Do these sound familiar to you?

  1. Creating the same database and tables.
  2. Writing similar code to read databases for each project.
  3. Displaying data for users, formatting, paging, sorting, searching, using the same javascript and back end logic for each project.
  4. Adding business rules, events, hooks and API with little or no variations for multiple different projects.
  5. Debugging UI and backend only to find the same tiny mistake.
  6. Trying to plan out how to secure an app, how to deploy it and then how to scale it up.
  7. Having a project running behind the schedule only to realize that adding new developers will slow you even more.
  8. Being unable to find a senior expert for just one small feature.
These are the pain points that Jetveo is here to fix.

Programming 4.0

In 2017 there was a new huge project, no resources, limited time, ...

Our CTO Marcel start searching for smarter way how to build it, he try different tools, platforms, frameworks. But nothing was right.

Either it was just small help, or some low-code fancy tools which is hard to use for anything generic.

After big disappointment from what he found, he went in the basement to start coding, coding, coding and coding.

After many hours, days, weeks and years. He was able to build first version of platform Jetveo.

Low-code platform from developers for developers.

You can easily build repetitive basics or complicated stuff in a few clicks, while you have flexibility of C# development.


August 2017 first commit.

April 2019 first alfa version.

July 2019 first commercial application (ERP).

September 2020 closed beta.

January 2021 new employees.

February 2021 open beta.

March 2021 first paying customers from CZ, SK and DE.

September 2021 free tier and self registration.

Meet the team


CTO, Founder


CEO, Co-founder












Marketing / Copywriting