Main Benefits of Jetveo

  1. No more missed orders due to capacity limitations
  2. Create apps in a fraction of the time
  3. Recruit juniors instead of expensive and "hard to get" seniors
  4. Sell your apps on the open marketplace
  5. Edit ready-made apps from the marketplace
  6. Smaller team means cost reduction
  7. Focus on business problems instead of how to store, secure and display data
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We help you to solve those problems

Expensive senior developers for larger applications
The platform handles the following areas for you: Data, UI, Security, Scaling, Deployment, Hosting, Backups, Migration, Architecture, Authentication, Translations, DMS, Native App Integration, Monitoring, Payments, External Integrations and more.

Shortage of Developers
Utilize existing C# programming knowledge platform that will significantly speed up and simplify development.

Development is Lengthy
Speed and simplicity for low-code development and flexibility for custom development.