Contract and document approvals with mutliple workflows
A multinational company has many moving parts, be they human or machine. When everything is connected with a technological relic, the workflow is not efficient. So: Out with the old Lotus Notes system and in with the modern online on-premises system for tracking and approving opportunities, contracts and documents.
Development with Jetveo:
~235 hours

CMS & document management workflow
Clearly, the performers are the stars of the show. However, behind the scenes there are hundreds of stage hands and lighting technicians and carpenters and countless sets and props that create that extra mystique to make the fantasy really come alive for the audience. How do you keep all of the employees on the same page and working with the same guidelines? What do you do when props get old, when decorations go out of style, when costumes and wigs are outmoded and when the wicked witch absolutely needs a new mirror?
Development with Jetveo:
~118 hours

Warehouse & expedition system (WMS)
With the same entrepreneurial spirit that inspired a new mother to take her baby’s diaper allergy and create a new company while on maternity leave, a new look at the complexity of a warehouse also led to a streamlined and environment-friendly process.
Development with Jetveo:
~92 hours

Tailor-made ERP
Question: How do you organize a growing network of nursery schools and all of its back-office and customer-facing requirements?
Answer: Develop full-company digitalization with a customer Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) app that takes care of Human Relations for employees, documentation for students, contracts, capacity planning, reporting and much more.
Development with Jetveo:
~248 hours

Generating annual reports with XBRLS & IFRS tags
All industry has a certain amount of regulations and rules and oversight. The financial industry has more. Keeping all of the financial data organized and accessible is paramount. And time consuming. Unless, of course, you are able to create an application that combines financial data, dynamic text, templates and XBRLS and IFRS tags.
Development with Jetveo:
~122 hours

Recording and processing meter readings
Getting data from customers is time-consuming and labor-intensive, not to mention filled with potential data-entry errors. An application to collect meter readings through customer self-service or employees saves manhours. The support for complex calculations and an invoice generator adds even more efficiency.
Development with Jetveo:
~41 hours

CRM with credit-risk workflow
How do you get information from new customers? Meetings take time. Paper questionnaires and forms are cumbersome. And, once you have the information, getting it into the system is both time-consuming and prone to error. Why not create a simple CRM system to automate the loan credit-risk process? Let the potential customers enter their own data online and put their information directly into the system.
Development with Jetveo:
~15 hours

Immediate contract checking
Time means money. When you wait for paperwork to flow through a company, the clock is ticking, customers are getting antsy and the competition is ready to take away your potential clients. Full-company digitalization can speed everything up.
Development with Jetveo:
~77 hours

System for secure passwords storing
Passwords are the weakest link of any security system because people invariably make mistakes, either through flawed memory or ill-advised attempts at naming simplicity. A password management system, with a complete access log and master-password protection, is an effective way to counter that potential flaw.
Development with Jetveo:
~14 hours

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