Case Study

Elanek - ERP

Question: How do you organize a growing network of nursery schools and all of its back-office and customer-facing requirements?
Answer: Develop full-company digitalization with a customer Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) app that takes care of Human Relations for employees, documentation for students, contracts, capacity planning, reporting and much more.
Elanek is a growing network of nursery school franchises throughout the South Moravia region of the Czech Republic.
Thanks to Jetveo we have a new system tailored just for our needs. This helped us improve our efficiency and how we now work. It is incredible how fast they are.

Maintaining communication and efficient paperwork is complex for a franchise of nursery schools with 1,000 kids and more than 200 employees. Approvals were done by email. Many Excel spreadsheets were constantly sent back and forth between employees. Paperwork piled up for each child. Contracts expired. Deadlines were missed. Multiple employees could not work on a specific task at the same time. Locating records was sometimes difficult. A new workflow was needed.


After an on-site meeting to delve into the pain points, Jetveo programmers were able to map out a solution. Development was very fast: the first version was done in a couple of hours, then subsequent iterations (each at half-hour intervals) made corrections and adjustments to requests on the fly, thus eliminating costly and time-consuming analyses.

The active system now has a complete Human Resources feature; simple-to-use payroll; the ability to request holidays; detailed reports (e.g., salaries, locations, student statistics); smooth approvals for purchasing and contracts; searchable student records; established workflows adjusted for different positions; and notifications (e.g., fire extinguishers need to be replaced, certification needs to be renewed). Plus, with agile customization in place, adjustments for new legislation, like for meal vouchers, can be incorporated quickly. The entire system can be scaled up to handle growth.

Development with Jetveo
248 hours

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