Replace your Excel files
Incorporate Jetveo tools to convert your data into a more usable format. Pen-and-paper processes can be eliminated. Excel spreadsheets can be converted into efficient applications. Documents can be sorted electronically. Filing cabinets are no longer needed. And paper cuts are a thing of the past. The only problem: sometimes, when you really need to jot something down, it is hard to find a pen.
Smart Forms
Add Logic to Your Paperwork
Paperwork is still necessary, but it’s not on paper any more. Technology has made it easier and more efficient to provide data and answer questions. No more illegible penmanship. No more half-completed forms. You can build a smart forms app with rules, dependencies and notifications in just minutes — and make space for an electronic signature at the bottom.
Streamline operations
It doesn't matter if you want to approve contracts, inventories or vacation, you can create simple rules for everyone to follow. Or, on the other hand, you can develop a complex decision matrix with many parameters, such as deal size, expected revenue, departments, job roles, approval roles and contract statuses. Transparency can be built in to allow upper management to keep an eye on how things are progressing.
Multi-level Approval Workflows
When an internal process regularly moves information from Point A to Point B to Point C, then that transit should be as smooth as possible.
- Why write a new email to say the employee has been hired? An automated one says the same without any typing.
- Why import an Excel spreadsheet? An API connection gets data directly to where it needs to go without human error.
There are many tools for streamlining regular operations. Find the perfect fit for your regular tasks.
Document Management
Classify, Secure, Store and Archive Your Documents
Documents and forms are a part of every day life — but pens, paperclips and the post office no longer need to add speedbumps. Documents can be moved online and simplified. Paper forms can be scanned and sent within moments. Electronic signatures are commonplace. And email and electronic transfers long ago replaced snail mail. Plus, international laws, like the European Union’s GDPR, put extra pressure on some businesses and some countries have domestic laws that require some businesses and professionals, like doctors, to maintain files and paperwork for a decade.
Mobile Back End
Foundation for Your Mobile App
It’s not something that you see, but the back end of a mobile app is the foundation that keeps everything humming. Layers of logic and complexity are built onto it. Jetveo has tools to provide data to a Progressive Web Application (PWA) mobile app through API, including getting and uploading data, and enabling secure user authentication. That all makes it so that the user can quickly access whatever they need on the front end.
External and API integrations
A steady flow of information and data is the lifeblood of any system, be it for finding opportunities or plugging holes. Jetveo has tools that will integrate your system with external API, XMLS and other services. That enables you to collect all of your communication with customers from different sources, such as Outlook, LinkedIn and Facebook, all in one place.
Modernize Applications
Update Your Legacy Applications
It is uncommon to have mobile phones that are more than a few years old. Yet, many still use the same desktop software that were all the rage decades ago. Modern apps are available and intuitive. And they can streamline operations on Day 1 without a steep learning curve for users.

App samples

What can you build with Jetveo?

The 21st Century world of technology has many options that can help your business grow including ERPs, CRMs HR tools and help desks.

Flexibility Provides Opportunities
A good Customer Relations Management system builds trust and grows strong relationships that will last. API connections enable you to collect your contacts and information from multiple sources. The out-of-the-box predefined sales process provides all the information you need to convert leads into paying customers. Automatic notifications remind you of planned activities.
Tailor-made ERP
Keeping tabs on all of the different parts of a business is essential. So why use error-prone manual systems instead of a tailored application to keep everything counted, verified and updated. It is not hard to develop an Enterprise Resource Planning module, and it can be populated efficiently from your old Excel spreadsheets.
Headlless CMS
Maintaining an organized structure for working with customers is imperative for a successful business. An efficient Customer Management System uses complex back end applications with workflows, roles and integrations. Jetveo tools can establish services through CRUDL API or custom commands data for your front end app.
Inventory Management
Warehouses are beehives of activity with thousands upon thousands of boxes and bags and pieces and tools and equipment. People are constantly moving through it all. An effective Warehouse Management System (WMS) controls everything, efficiently moving items, filling orders and managing inventory to keep an accurate count.
HR Tools
The Right Tool for Each Task
Apps can handle most everything. Hiring candidates. Onboarding new employees. Time Off for vacations and doctor’s appointments. Simplified contracts and forms. Training programs. Bulletin Board notes. Company-wide announcements. And access to documentation, salaries, bonuses and employee evaluations can be controlled to keep sensitive information safe from prying eyes.
Help Desks
Resolve Issues Effectively
Few things are more frustrating than needing help, requesting help and not getting help. A proper help desk will ensure that your customers are taken care of in their times of need. Collect all internal and external customer requests in one place, prioritize them, create individual tasks, measure the time spent on each and monitor the progress — but most, importantly, provide help to those who need it.

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