Case Study

TSHK - Meter reading

Getting data from customers is time-consuming and labor-intensive, not to mention filled with potential data-entry errors. An application to collect meter readings through customer self-service or employees saves manhours. The support for complex calculations and an invoice generator adds even more efficiency.
City Service Hradec Králove, takes care of the city to make you live in it better.
Thanks to the custom solution, we were able to establish an application instead of changing our basic existing processes. Our tenants now have the ability to read their own meters so that they are not dependent on our technicians. Since we are non-profit we have to follow strict rules.

The city of Hradec Králové in the Czech Republic rents multiple properties. Each place has its own meter for electricity, water and gas consumption, each with complex rules and calculations.


We built a custom solution for TSHK that contains a whole structure for all of its properties, including entire locations and individual units. Each property can have multiple meters and tenants, which means that a meter can have either a standard consumption calculation for one tenant or require a complex calculation for multiple tenants. The application maintains a simple workflow for each location, client and meter in order to make sure we didn't forget to get a reading. During each reporting period, all of our tenants get a unique link where they can find their meters and provide the new values themselves. At the end of the period, the application generates invoices and utility attachments.

Development with Jetveo
41 hours

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