Case Study


How do you get information from new customers? Meetings take time. Paper questionnaires and forms are cumbersome. And, once you have the information, getting it into the system is both time-consuming and prone to error. Why not create a simple CRM system to automate the loan credit-risk process? Let the potential customers enter their own data online and put their information directly into the system.
finGOOD offers crowdfunding and investing in proven Czech companies
Before we can finance our clients we need a lot of financial information. Thanks to Jetveo we have the flexibility for our new clients to enter all of their details efficiently.

A crowdfunding platform that is open to investors is only as good as its projects. finGOOD needed to collect financial data — 250-plus fields with a lot of associated data — for prospective projects so that it could then be easily processed and evaluated.


The company’s CTO used Jetveo tools to smooth out the system: there is now a public-facing form where new clients can enter their basic financial data. The data is provided to internal staff for the initial evaluation of the risk assessment. If it is a good fit, additional data are requested for the more detailed analysis. There can be a lot of back-and-forth communication, which is made efficient through the dynamic app. The app started as just a form, but workflows and business logic were added to, in essence, create a customized CRM.

Development with Jetveo
15 hours

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