Case Study

Allrisk - Online Contracts

Time means money. When you wait for paperwork to flow through a company, the clock is ticking, customers are getting antsy and the competition is ready to take away your potential clients. Full-company digitalization can speed everything up.
Allrisk is international specialty insurance organization that provides innovative solutions for brokers, agents and insurance carriers.

The scheduling process was outdated. The flow of paperwork was terribly inefficient. Snail mail was used to deliver contracts. Potential clients had to wait days — sometimes up to two weeks — to get a final contract signed.


Allrisk used Jetveo to streamline the process of scheduling appointments and reviewing contracts. The new app allows representatives to take a picture of final contracts with a mobile phone and send the electronic version. The control department, in turn, reviews the contract immediately and returns it with comments, requests for additional information or for final completion. Specifically, tools were put in place to:

  • Assist brokers with scheduling appointments and recording deliverables
  • Replace the lengthy process of mailing physical contracts
  • Guide brokers through the process of digitizing the contract
  • Guide employees through the contract review process
  • Record status changes and document history
  • Handle different levels of access and permissions
  • Provide tools for capacity planning
  • Provide reporting options

Development with Jetveo
77 hours

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