Case Study

Bamboolik - Warehouse Management and Expedition

With the same entrepreneurial spirit that inspired a new mother to take her baby’s diaper allergy and create a new company while on maternity leave, a new look at the complexity of a warehouse also led to a streamlined and environment-friendly process.
Bamboolík replaced non-organic disposable diapers with cloth diapers made from bamboo.
As part of our internal process improvements, we decided to replace pencil and paper in the warehouse and for our order dispatching system. Our IT partner built a warehouse management application on top of the Jetveo platform.

Printing multiple sheets of paper made the functioning of the warehouse inefficient. And, since the natural resources of the planet are not disposable, a lot of excess paperwork was counter to the ethics of the company.


Programmers used the Jetveo platform to move orders online so that the old pen-and-paper processes are now replaced by entries in an XML format. Warehouse workers can check each item, locate it, pack it and label it, then double-check that the customer will get what was ordered. Orders start in the e-shop and go through the accounting system, Pohoda. The initial database shows if items are in stock. Orders are consolidated for each day. The process starts every morning when a packer uses a tablet to verify that everything has been provided by the external warehouse. They mark the orders and complete checklists of goods and collections. Additional information and notes can be added as necessary. And the final step sends information back into the Pohoda database to keep everything up to date.

Development with Jetveo
92 hours

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