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Passwords are the weakest link of any security system because people invariably make mistakes, either through flawed memory or ill-advised attempts at naming simplicity. A password management system, with a complete access log and master-password protection, is an effective way to counter that potential flaw.
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We needed a simple tool where we could store passwords from multiple systems. It had to be safe, secure and easy to use. Jetveo was the right choice.

Unique logins and passwords are near impossible to maintain for hundreds of routers and hardware devices.


Jetveo tools were used to create a management system to keep passwords organized and accessible. Now, using master-password protection, whenever a login and password are necessary for a wifi router or a piece of software, the customer and location provides straightforward access to a user who has the proper personal credentials. Everything is noted and maintained in an audit log.

Development with Jetveo
14 hours

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