Case Study

ABB - Approval workflow

A multinational company has many moving parts, be they human or machine. When everything is connected with a technological relic, the workflow is not efficient. So: Out with the old Lotus Notes system and in with the modern online on-premises system for tracking and approving opportunities, contracts and documents.
ABB is a leading global technology company that energizes the transformation of society and industry to achieve a more productive, sustainable future (and they have cool robots too).
We had spent about 10 years trying to come up with a better way to handle our Sales communication. Our old solution, which we had used for decades, was just not working. A completely new system would be overly expensive and developing it in house from scratch didn’t work. Then we found Jetveo. We were able to use the tools on their platform to finally smooth things out.
Country Director

Maintaining an efficient connection between the Sales Department and the rest of the company was handled by outdated software that did not support the comprehensive approval matrix. An audit protocol, automated notifications and the clear and updated status for projects were desperately needed.


ABB programmers in cooperation with partner used the Jetveo platform to develop a new process to effectively streamline the operations of the Sales Department. Using Jetveo overcame the in-house programming bottlenecks and the first version of the application was ready in two days. Then, with quick iterations and fast feedback, the final application was ready in two weeks. The following specific steps were put in place.

  • Customer data from Salesforce and the legacy system were imported.
  • Multiple document types, such as quotes, offer sheets, and contracts, were established.
  • The approval matrix was incorporated to support approvals according to income level, contract size and approval roles.
  • Specific documents were converted to avoid duplicate entries.
  • Automated notifications were put in place to quickly get manager approvals.
  • Company processes and policies were maintained and enforced.
  • Operations were on-premises within the company's internal infrastructure. The authentication of users was via Microsoft OAuth. No additional passwords were required.
  • Visibility for deal sizes and statuses enabled management to keep tabs on the overall process.
Once users initially started using the app, requests for adjustments and tweaks were made to customize the system. Overall development took less than 235 hours. Salespeople now have a simple tool for processing opportunities and getting approvals.

Development with Jetveo
235 hours

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