Case Study

vielWerk - Facility MGMT

When rental property has water damage or a broken door or an electrical problem, a long string of events are put in motion. Take water damage: Someone has to fix the pipes. Someone has to dry the carpets. Someone has to paint the walls. And, hopefully, an insurance company will pay for a lot of it. Managing the tasks between internal staff and third-party contractors is challenging with old software.
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We had this old DOS application nobody liked and it was very problematic. The new solution covers other areas which we didn't think of before and it saves lot of time.

It had become untenable to maintain hundreds of buildings of multiple renters with an ancient piece of software, emails, Excel spreadsheets and lots of paperwork. Specifically, communication channels were necessary for matching tasks to internal staff, third-party contractors and insurance companies.


The Jetveo platform was used to create communication channels to connect real-world damage to internal staff, third-party contractors and insurance companies. Tenants and employees report damage. The repairs are evaluated and assigned to either internal staff or external contractors. Contractors receive notification and use the app to obtain additional information, to provide a cost estimate and to confirm the repair date. Once the repair is complete, they upload an invoice to provide a clear overview of the status of each task and a financial overview. Insurance companies are brought into the loop with an invoice to handle the costs. The app is works on both a personal computer and a mobile phone.

Development with Jetveo
333 hours

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