Jetveo: The Balm For Your Programming Pains

Some people grin and bear it. Others find a way to fix the problems and make them go away. We felt your programming pain, a developed a cure.

Here's the situation: You have a large and complex project. You scour the internet for software to use.

But . . .

Nothing fits. You need speed and flexibility. You also need custom C# coding. One piece of software handles one aspect, but not another. Compatibility is inexact.

So what do you do?

If you're Marcel Šerý you build the Jetveo Platform and App Builder.

The Jetveo Platform and App Builder is a built-from-the-ground up low-code programming system that uses established building blocks for the foundational elements found in all apps, then allows for the customization of business logic with C# coding.

“Developers will love it,” said Šerý, the CTO of Jetveo, which was launched on the first day of 2022 and continues to grow in power and popularity. “It will save them a lot of time and it will be very useful.”

Jetveo enables both senior and junior developers to speed up the development of a wide range of applications for desktop browsers and smart phones. The platform is intuitive and user friendly, with a lot of automation, shortcut keys, and templates that expedite the creation of a minimum viable product that can be augmented according to customer input. Many components and advanced features are readily available for customization.

Cure the Pain Points

Programmers know the rough spots. Here are the solutions that Jetveo provides:

- Get a head start by customizing existing code for new projects

- Use templates to create common databases

- Identify tiny errors as you build rather than through debugging UI and the back end

- Tap into established business rules, events, hooks and API, especially when there are few or no variations across projects

- Follow a well-worn playbook to secure the app, deploy it and then scale it up.

Šerý experienced all of these speed bumps in 20 years as a programmer and the manager of product development teams for multinational IT companies.

“I consider Jetveo to be the middle ground between no-code and classic programming,” Šerý said. “You can code more than in other low-code platforms and I think that is what gives it strength.”

Junior programmers gain experience through the intuitive user interface. That is important when a project falls behind schedule: the easy-to-use platform has a short learning curve for new hires.

“We strip the burden of doing the boring stuff from the programmers,” Šerý said. “That gives you the space to focus on the business side of the projects and the customer and their needs. And it frees your mind of the technical details and many of the regular problems that you encounter. There are perfectly tuned UI components. You don't have to try so hard. We give it to you on a silver platter.”

Speed and Efficiency are Key

Applications built on the Jetveo Platform save time because development is much easier. Fewer programmers are necessary. Applications are developed quickly and customer needs are continuously evaluated.

Oftentimes, the final application is delivered while the competition is still processing the initial analysis. There is development flexibility throughout. Programmers need not start from scratch. The platform has a foundation that can be updated quickly.

Jetveo has removed the unnecessary bureaucracy so that you have room for your own ideas and solutions. It will save developers' time and solve complex problems for them.

“All the platforms try to market to business people; there was nothing for programmers,” Šerý said. “I am a programmer first. I know what they need and they will get all in this one place.”

Jetveo is a low-code business application builder that empowers companies that still use pen and pa-per or out-of-date software to automate their business-critical processes.

Go to to establish a free account. CLICK HERE.

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