Better Communication Improves Businesses, Strengthens Relationships

When it comes to the Facility Management of apartment buildings, handling tenants — in other words: homes and families — communication is essential.

Personal relationships and a hands-on approach are key to keeping customers happy in any industry. When it comes to the facility management of apartment buildings, handling tenants — in other words: homes and families — communication is essential.

Damage reports should be handled quickly and efficiently. Inspection announcements should be posted in public places. And necessary changes to rent or contracts need to be handled with delicacy.

Brasche Immobilien, a property management company based in Kiel, Germany, has dozens of rental properties throughout Northern Germany. It prides itself on staying in touch with its tenants.

How do they do it?

They do it with a facility management app that was built on the Jetveo Platform and App Builder.

Jetveo provides a low-code programming system to software development companies and developers to use to create bespoke software. This facility management app was created on the Jetveo platform by Alfaveo, a Brno-based software development company. The app has a robust back-end foundation for a mobile app that is used for communication throughout the Brasche infrastructure. Data flows to the app through a back-end CRUDL API connection, getting up-to-date information to the people who need it while they are out in the field.

Specifically, the app allows Brasche's team of facility managers to effectively collect information from hundreds of properties for damage reports, and, importantly, to maintain connections with customers. Facility managers and maintenance workers get images of the problems while they are on their routes through the properties. The API connection seamlessly puts everything on the mobile application. Then, the proper information is relayed to the maintenance staff so that they grab the proper tools and fix the problem as soon as possible.

Brasche Immobilien

Here are some features that were built into the facility management app, and customized for Brasche Immobilien:

Overview of Operations — Brasche oversees many different buildings. Staff is constantly moving throughout the city and region to service each of them. The app provides a transparent overview of the entire operation to provide real-time information about where everyone is and what they are doing.

Snapshot of Every Property — A dedicated online page for all of the information about a specific building is much more efficient than packing file folders into dusty filing cabinets. It takes just seconds to find the date of the last inspection or the records of a tenant.

Back-office Tasks are Easier — Digital paperwork eliminates a lot of old-fashioned busy work. The streamlined processes have proven effective enough to warrant the reduction of the number of expensive salaries on the payroll.

Schedule Ahead of Time — One essential feature simplifies the ability to schedule inspections and maintenance so that there are always enough staff and no conflicts.

Keep the Tenants in the Loop — Brasche uses an automated system to inform tenants of inspections and maintenance, either by email or with a printable poster that is placed on the entry-way noticeboard.

Damage Reports — When something goes wrong — a broken window, a clogged sink, a jammed-up lock — a damage report can be created and disseminated throughout the system. Brasche is able to seamlessly reach out to vielWerk, a partner company dedicated to dealing with most damage reports. vielWerk reacts quickly, deals with the issues, and Brasche administration can keep tabs on the overall process. (Click here to see the Facility Maintenance app that was created specifically for vielWerk.)

Mobility — Employees who are out on the jobsite are able to log into the central system through their smartphones. It keeps them in the loop for messages from the project managers, who often stay in the central office.

Third-party Communication — All of the basic information is in one place for regular third-party contractors and insurance companies. This is particularly necessary for common (but complex) problems, like dealing with water damage. The same companies are used, so there is no need to start for scratch with every emergency. It expedites the creation of invoices and verifies that everything is available for insurance claims.

Notifications and Reminders — Implementing a reminder system will generate in-house notes so that you are never unprepared for upcoming scheduled inspections, rental expiration dates, employee birthdays, or time to put up holiday decorations.

Inspections — Checklists verify that everything is in operating order. And a historical record creates a useful institutional memory.

* * *

In short, there are many different ways to make facility management more efficient because of the Jetveo low-code programming system used by Alfaveo to develop bespoke software solutions.

If a Facility Management app would help you to simplify your to-do list, go to for more information and to see a demo app in operation.

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