Tune In to the Low-code Craze

Catch Jetveo CEO Dalibor Houfek at the CAFIN conference on Oct. 13 in Prague to learn how low-code programming can help your business

Low-code programming is getting more and more popular because companies are realizing that it is a fast, efficient, and inexpensive way to create apps to streamline their business operations.

It bridges gaps in communication. Digitalizes paperwork to clear off office desktops. And it fine-tunes internal operations in many different ways.

Low-code is in the sweet spot between classic programming, which requires advanced knowledge and complex coding, and no-code programming, which is based upon a drag-and-drop visual interface. Low-code programming combines the best elements of both: the flexibility and customization of classic programming and the simplicity and speed of no-code programming.

The Jetveo Platform and App Builder is on the cutting edge of the low-code craze and it continues to spread the word.

Jetveo CEO Dalibor Houfek will expound upon low-code programming at the Ninth Annual CAFIN IT Conference for Finance on Oct. 13 in Prague.

He has two talks that will outline how businesses benefit from the speed and efficiency of low-code programming to create all kinds of time-saving apps:

- A keynote talk titled “How to deal with costly application development and slow digitization of internal processes” in the main room at 9:45 a.m.; and

- A workshop titled “Experience of companies with low-code development and digitization” at 11:15 a.m.

To promote the keynote speech, Houfek talked with Roman Smetana, the Global Finance Director at Inovan, on the CAFIN Talks podcast. CAFIN Talks focuses on corporate finance with experienced experts, CFOs, controllers, and developers, who share their experiences about helping to improve the day-to-day operations of companies. It is produced by the Czech Association for Financial Management (http://www.cafin.cz/).

Click here to listen to the CAFIN Talks Podcast.

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