Welcome Aboard, Connexa!

The Jetveo Partner Program Adds Another Innovative IT Company.

Connexa, a small startup based in the hilly region of central Czech Republic, has joined the Jetveo Partner Program in order to use the low-code Jetveo Platform and App Builder to provide software for its clients, quickly and efficiently.

“I have known about Jetveo for many years,” said Tomáš Haubert, a co-founder. “As a programmer I was interested in solutions to help simplify my work.”

Connexa was started by Haubert and Zdeněk Vacek, two innovative thinkers from the small town of Česká Bělá in the Vysočina region. Within months of brainstorming the idea of combining their work experience from social and IT services, they had made the decision to move forward: Connexa IT s.r.o. was established on Jan. 18, 2022, and the connexa.cz website was launched the following month.

Vacek left a managerial position in a large social services company after a dozen years, taking the leap despite having five children at home. Haubert had co-founded an IT company and worked as a freelancer.

Now they create software, including automated processes for public access to a sports facility; the integration of multiple programs and a warehouse management system for a growing furniture manufacturer; and the automation of back office work to streamline internal processes.

“Jetveo can solve more complex tasks where more custom code is needed,” Haubert said.

The Jetveo Partner Program provides the power of the Jetveo Platform and App Builder to companies that look to use low-code programming to create software. Low-code programming is a mix of the flexibility and power of classic C# programming and the simplicity and efficiency of low-code programming. It also offers access to a community that can provide the experience, know-how, and support for establishing and maintaining a start-up tech company.

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