Jetveo: Try Out the Intuitive All-in-One Platform and App Builder

Change is never easy, but staying the course and being passive is not always the best option.

It is asking a lot to get someone to change the tool with which they work. You're comfortable with it. You know its faults. You don't want to waste time learning something new.

Change is never easy.

However, there are a lot of upsides to looking around and, if something better strikes your eye, it might make a world of difference.

Jetveo Platform and App Builder is a powerful platform that has so many tools and such an intuitive interface that it with be worth it.

The Jetveo Platform and App Builder combines an intuitive user interface with the power of C# and low-code speed. It empowers developers to quickly and efficiently provide business solutions to their customers.

Everything is in one place. The Jetveo Platform has the Jetveo Workspace to provide detailed accounting of projects and to delineate access to each app instance. Jetveo's Azure Cloud securely maintains all of the data. And the Jetveo App Builder streamlines the development process by handling repetitive tasks, such as establishing databases and building UI, and providing the flexibility of custom C# coding for complex business logic.

What makes Jetveo better than the other options? Here are some reasons to consider making the move.


The Jetveo Platform organizes, maintains, and provides data for many apps that can be run in the Jetveo Cloud or on-premises. The Jetveo App Builder streamlines the development process in many ways:

• Fast Development. Using established procedures and building upon existing foundations speeds up the creation process because developers are not required to repeatedly write the same code. They do not have to reinvent the wheel for each new project.

• Minimum Viable Product. Using the logical step-by-step process develops the core of the applications so that the MVP can more quickly be made available, without having to wait for the attachment of every feature. That enables the customer to enter the process earlier and keeps them involved to provide important feedback and request customization options.

• Tools. All of the necessary tools are available for building, testing, and running your applications. Enhancements and bug fixes can be made quickly for a new iterations. NuGet packages can be implemented.

• Accumulating Experience. Junior, novice, and student developers can use the intuitive interface to start working immediately, getting their hands dirty and getting a real-world learning experience.

• Team Concept. Large and complex projects can be broken up into small pieces so that multiple developers can work at the same time and focus on their personal expertise, like database creation, back end development, and front end development, before all of the parts are merged together into one.

• Intuitive User Interface. The interface layout is consistent across all of the sections. Shortcut keystrokes make maneuvering fast. Magic-wand wizards streamline repetitive tasks. And automatic text is generated to save time.

• Cloud Storage. All data and coding is maintained in the safe and secure Azure cloud, which makes it all available anywhere with internet access.

• Potential. Apps can handle a wide range of features, including: Digitalization and the ability to work with data; the development of Smart Forms; simple procedures for Approvals; the establishment of logical Workflows; well-defined Document Management; development of a Mobile Back End as the foun-dation for the Mobile Front End user interface; Integrations with any number of other apps; and a modern feel for normal operations.

• Support. Help and guidance is available throughout the Jetveo Platform, from the introductory Boot Camp to tutorials for many different types of apps and to tool-tip hints on every step of the app builder.


Developers define the data model, design the User Interface, and create workflows and business log-ic. Custom coding can be added throughout. Once you are ready, release and run the new application to work out the kinks and get customer feedback.

With Jetveo, you can use powerful and the well-documented C# language to define custom business logic, and still save an incredible amount of time on the other aspects of app building.

Go to to establish a free account. CLICK HERE.

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