Introducing the Jetveo Platform and App Builder

Build Fast. Stay Flexible.


The Jetveo apps builder is for any number of types of programmers. Only a basic knowledge of C# is necessary:

  1. Senior developers benefit from the ease with which they can complete the foundational parts of apps. They can customize their apps with C#.
  2. Junior Developers can use their modest experience to experiment with more advanced programming languages. They can contribute to larger projects within the multi-person process.
  3. Novice Developers are able to jump right into the development process through the intuitive user interface, basically learning on the go.
  4. Entrepreneurial Freelance Programmers can use the apps builder to develop business solutions for their own customers and sell their apps on the marketplace
  5. Student Programmers can use the apps builder as an introduction to using programming languages. The user-friendly platform allows for quick preview iterations.
  6. IT Departments can use the apps builder to work as a team on more complex apps, then make quick in-house corrections, adjustments, and enhancements on the fly.


Go to Establish a free account.

This will give you access to the Development Portal / Development Interface where you can start creating apps and access the Support Portal.

There are two levels of applications:

  1. Free Applications
  2. Standard Applications
Both are intended for commercial use.

The Free Application has a limited range of features and the number of end users is limited to a maximum number of End Users, disk size and number of API calls.

The Standard Application is subject to the Price List and depends upon the number of End Users and the optional features used.


The Jetveo app builder has an intuitive design. If you have a little bit of programming experience, particularly with C#, then you will find it simple. But, even if you don’t have much experience, the step-by-step design will enable you to contribute to the development of useful apps.

The Support Portal is filled with useful information, like:

  1. the Bootcamp, which takes you through the development of a simple app within about 10 minutes;
  2. the Jetveo Resorts tutorial, which delves into each step with more detail and provides many use cases that may come in handy as foundational templates for your own apps.
  3. each step of the Development Portal has tooltip information to orient you.
  4. each step of the Development Portal has a detailed explanation for how to use that step and how to incorporate it into your project.
  5. help videos show have different parts work, and
  6. if you are stuck for a project idea, check out the use cases for how the Jetveo apps builder was used to solve nagging pain points for real clients.


Basically, the Partner Program is how many young developers start their own companies. Establish your presence, come up with some ideas (consult with Jetveo about potential opportunities) and use the Jetveo apps builder to create solutions that will fill your pockets.

It speeds up customer development. It creates a network of experts to share knowledge and contacts. Cut rate on something? Access to additional support? Feedback and ability help enhance the apps builder?


The Jetveo app builder has an intuitive design. If you have a little bit of programming experience, particularly with C#, then you will find it simple. But, even if you don’t have much experience, the step-by-step design will enable you to contribute to the development of useful apps.

The Support Portal is filled with useful information, like:

  1. Warehouse Management
  2. Meter Reading
  3. Decommissioning workflow
  4. Commissioning workflow
  5. Approval workflow
  6. Headless CMS
  7. SPA
  8. Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)
  9. Facility management
  10. Mobile back end application
  11. Report Generator
  12. Customer Relations Management (CRM)
  13. Online contracts
  14. Securing Passwords


The Jetveo apps builder streamlines the development process in many ways:

  1. Fast Development. Using established procedures and building upon existing foundations speeds up the creation process because developers are not required to write the same code again and again and they do not have to reinvent the wheel each time.
  2. Minimum Viable Product. Using the logical step-by-step process develops the core of the applications so that they can more quickly be made available, without having to wait for the attachment of every feature. Providing an MVP provides the customer with access sooner in order to keep them involved and provide important feedback and customization options.
  3. Tools. All of the necessary tools are available for building, testing and running your applications. Enhancements and bug fixes can be made quickly for a new iteration.
  4. Accumulating Experience. Junior and novice developers can use the intuitive interface to start working immediately, getting their hands dirty and providing a real-world learning experience.
  5. Team Concept. Large and complex projects can be broken up into small pieces so that multiple developers can work at the same time and handle their personal expertise, like database creation, back end development, and front end development, before all of the parts are merged together into one.
  6. Intuitive User Interface. Step-by-step is intuitive. Templates. Guides. MORE here.
  7. Cloud Storage. Maintain data and coding in a safe and secure cloud, which makes it all available anywhere with internet access.
  8. Potential. Apps can handle a wide range of features, including: Digitalization and ability to work with data; the development of Smart Forms; simple procedures for Approvals; the establishment of logical Workflows; well-defined Document Management; development of a Mobile Back End as the foundation for the Mobile Front End user interface; Integrations with any number of other apps; and a modern feel for normal operations.


Developers can define data model, modify UI, create workflows and bussiness logic or write own code. Once you are ready you can release and run new application.

  1. Development
  2. Data Model
  3. User Interface
  4. Programming
  5. Infrastructure
  6. Scale
  7. Applications


Jetveo clients range from local companies based in the Czech Republic to German property management companies, and include international cultural leaders, innovative textile producers and a network of advanced preschools. All have been helped by apps developed through the Jetveo apps builder.

  1. ABB
  2. Avant
  3. Allrisk
  4. Narodni divadlo
  5. finGood
  6. vielWerk
  7. Bamboolik
  8. Elanek
  9. Brasche Immobilien
  10. Hradec Kralove
  11. Bezvait

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