Jetveo: Software Development to Streamline Business Operations

Jetveo was started out of annoyance: A tool was necessary. It didn't exist. It does now. And many businesses have reaped the benefits.

Marcel Šerý used to lead large and complex projects for multinational technology companies. Too often, he was unable to find the perfect software tools, platforms, and frameworks. One piece of software handled one aspect, but not another. Decent options were outdated. Balancing speed and flexibility with custom C# coding was difficult. Compatibility was inexact. Nothing fit.

So what to do?

Šerý decided to go his own way. He finished the large-scale projects, then moved on.

He began to develop software as a freelancer — mostly in a bedroom closet that he had turned into an office space. Rather than cobble together imperfect software, he began to develop his own, built-from-the-ground up system. Every new client enabled him to codify the normal steps into a process that was efficient and fast: he established the building blocks that are used in every app; he made adjustable user interface pages; and he added specialized components as necessary for his growing list of clients. Those simplified foundational steps allowed for more time to refine the business logic with C# coding.

Dalibor Houfek started as a developer but quickly moved up into management for a multinational technology company. He logged thousands of kilometers travelling around the world, leading large multi-continent projects, and fixing problems as they arose. He, too, was struck by the repeated rough spots that he and his large teams would regularly encounter. He knew there had to be a better way.

At one point, he needed a custom app to smooth out a process. He remembered having played poker with a freelancer who had built up his own efficient app-building process. He called and made an ap-pointment.

Houfek met Šerý in a café in Brno. As Houfek explained what he needed, Šerý was typing, asking oc-casional clarification questions, and, every once in a while, dragging a finger across the laptop mouse pad. He might have been updating his social media profile. Instead, after 15 minutes, he turned his laptop around: “What about this?”

That lightning fast example of programming was the start of a business venture that still follows that same basic strategy for solving business problems: Analyze - Clarify - Code-on-the-fly - and Get Feed-back as the final pieces fall in place.

It was the start of what would soon become the Jetveo Platform and App Builder.

Low-code Programming

The system that Šerý created in his closet to streamline his freelance work was, in essence, an early version of a low-code platform.

Low-code platforms offer a streamlined development process by automating the steps for develop-ing apps. A modest amount of experience enables in-house IT employee(s) to start from nothing, quickly develop a minimum viable product, add and customize appropriate features, and efficiently maintain the finished app.

Intuitive graphic displays guide the user. Much time is saved because of the well-tested templates and components. Custom code can be added to customize the business logic. Both senior and less-salary-heavy junior programmers can work together to expedite completion of the projects.

That makes low-code programming 10 times faster than classic programming and 10 times more af-fordable.

Hosting and cloud storage are often built into the system. And, best of all, adjustments can be made quickly in reaction to real-world situations (i.e., the societal upheaval of a pandemic) and to realize new business opportunities (i.e., absorbing the customers of a competitor).

This new style of programming was not lost upon Šerý and Houfek. Both had worked as developers and both had managed product development teams. They shared the same frustrations. They knew that a low-code platform would be the solution.

Growth into an International Start-up

The original commit of the platform that is now the beating heart of Jetveo was in August 2017. The alpha version was released in April 2019. And the first commercial application to be built completely on the platform, a comprehensive ERP, was released two months later.

Soon the co-founders took on titles: Houfek became the CEO and Šerý became CTO. Developers were hired and brought onboard. Sales and Marketing started. Word began to spread. Improvements continued to be made.

Subsequent customers included local companies based in the Czech Republic, technology companies and their Slovak branches, and German property management companies, including:

- the National Theatre in Prague, an internationally known organization that needed help to update its dusty in-house process;

- Elanek, a growing network of preschools that needed a comprehensive Human Resources system to hold several branches together, maintain communication with the parents of more than 1,000 toddlers, and be prepared to scale up with the fast-growing business;

- Bamboolik, a natural-fibre diaper company that needed to automate its warehouse to keep up with demand and help conserve the environment;

- Hradec Kralove, a small city that wanted to empower its citizens to read and report their own elec-tricity meters so that the utility company could reallocate resources; and

- ABB, a multinational technology company that needed some rough spots ironed out of its intrade-partmental communications.

Each new client resulted in a more efficient version of the platform.

The speed and efficiency of low-code programming enables Jetveo to quickly make bespoke web ap-plications. Now, in addition to making apps 10 times faster and 10 times more affordable than classic pro-gramming, Jetveo promises to produce apps in 10 business days or less, doubling-down on its speed and efficiency, just like that initial app that Šerý built for Houfek.

Made by Developers — and Now Made Available to Developers

With software development booming, Šerý and Houfek decided to add a tangent to the company. In January 2022, the Jetveo Platform and App Builder was officially made available to partner companies and developers.

“I always wanted to create a sandbox where programmers could go and try things out,” Šerý said. “I am a programmer first. I know what they need and they will get all in this one place.”

Jetveo is the perfect tool for freelance programmers, developers looking for a framework to start their own small business, and enterprise operations that have an IT team for in-house and business-specific development. Since the low-code programming system saves so much development time — which results in monetary savings for customers and the ability for developers to quickly deliver finished apps — more projects means more money.

“If you know just a little bit of programming, then Jetveo will give you the foundation to make any number of applications,” Šerý said. “Jetveo is the middle ground between no-code and classic program-ming. It takes the best from both worlds so that programmers have everything they need to make apps quickly and inexpensively.”

Go to to establish a free account and to get access to the Jetveo Platform. A short introductory boot camp provides a hands-on tour that provides knowledge to create software to streamline the processes that still plague many companies.

Jetveo is a low-code business application builder that empowers companies that still use pen and pa-per or out-of-date software to automate their business-critical processes.

Go to to establish a free account. CLICK HERE.

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