Kick-start your Business with the Jetveo Partner Program

The Jetveo Partner Program provides support for small development companies, entrepreneurs, and freelancers.

For every legend about how a billion-dollar company started in the founder’s garage or basement, there are thousands of technology companies that fail. That is just a fact of life, especially in the dog-eat-dog IT world.

However, there are ways to avoid that fate.

The Jetveo Partner Program, for example, provides access to a community that can provide the experience, know-how and support for establishing and maintaining a successful company.

The program is built around the power of the Jetveo Platform and App Builder.

What is the Jetveo Platform and App Builder?

Jetveo leverages the simplicity and efficiency of low-code programming with the flexibility and power of classic C# coding. The platform has the Jetveo Workspace to provide detailed accounting of projects and to delineate access to each app instance. The Azure Cloud securely maintains all of the data. And the Jetveo App Builder streamlines the development process by handling repetitive tasks, such as establishing databases and building UI, and providing the flexibility of custom C# coding for complex business logic.

It is built for Developers by Developers.

What are some specific benefits that our partners enjoy?

• Productivity

Classic programming and multi-layer development teams can get top-heavy and slow. Low-code platforms like Jetveo better utilize the existing resources, enabling senior programmers to focus on their expertise with C# customization and empowering junior programmers to handle the majority of other tasks.

This, in effect, provides a lot of hands-on tasks so that junior developers quickly gain experience, which is particularly important when there is high demand (and high price tags) for senior developers.

The platform is intuitive and user friendly, with a lot of automation, shortcut keys, and templates. The architecture also eliminates vulnerabilities in order to strengthen security.

• Competitive Advantage

The Jetveo App Builder has proven to create apps quickly and efficiently, reducing the time from idea to realization from days to hours.

For example, the Jetveo low-code approach enables programmers to quickly create a Minimum Viable Product to begin detailed consultations with the client so that rapid iterations will quickly lead to finished apps.

Most importantly, this streamlined process frees up resources for the next app for the next client.

• Scalability

Having an established playbook is helpful when an app spikes with many more users. The client may want quick alterations. The popularity likely requires more power and balance.

Similarly, when a company outgrows its home country and looks to expand abroad, there are many related steps. Apps need to be translated. New customers need to be identified.

Plus, the new workforce needs to get up to speed. The short learning curve of the Jetveo App Builder shortens the transition period to quickly get apps in progress for paying customers.

• Training and Certification

Training and certification ensure that programmers wring every last drop of usefulness out of the Jetveo Platform and App Builder. Case studies and tutorials provide a foundation for advanced topics. Personal assistance provides the context and forward-thinking suggestions. The Jetveo Partner Program includes training and certification to make sure that every bit of potential is realized. Plus, the Developer Portal is packed with tutorials and explanations.

• Service Level Agreement

The best-designed and best-programmed apps are nothing if they are not available to their intended audience. The Partner Program includes an SLA that will guarantee service, including detailed guidelines for the short delays caused by releases and for the time it takes for apps to load for end users. And, in the unlikely event of a significant disturbance, response time, correction time and, if necessary, a temporary work-around are codified.

• Direct Line to Jetveo

Partners are included in the discussions to create the new generation of features and the roadmap. And, by virtue of personal relationships, partners get front-of-the-line attention when they need assistance.

• Revenue Stream

Budgets and cost cutting affect businesses large and small. The Jetveo Partner Program provides a lucrative Affiliate Program that could generate a significant amount of money, including a percentage of the fees paid by their end customers.

• Incubator for Young Talent

Being part of a community of like-minded IT companies provides access to a pool of employees who may be interested in lateral moves or, for the more ambitious, vertical moves to advance their careers.

Plus, there are many other benefits for smaller companies and entrepreneurial and freelance programmers:

• How Can the Partner Program Help a Small Operation, like a new start-up, an entrepreneur, or a freelance programmer?

The Jetveo Partner Program is designed to provide the support to handle the difficulties that can, if not addressed, lead to catastrophic failure. It bolsters elements like locating customers, quickly and efficiently developing the requested apps, and maintaining clients into the future.

Small bespoke development companies, entrepreneurial developers, and freelance programmers can find benefits in the collective approach of the Jetveo Partner Program.

• Do you need customers?

Finding customers can be difficult — unless you know where to look. The Jetveo Partner Program helps with the promotion of services and the location of customers.

Alfaveo, one of the Jetveo partner companies, used the Jetveo Platform and App Builder to quickly and effectively build apps for clients that include ABB, the National Theatre in Prague, Bamboolik, Elanek, the City of Hradec Králove, finGood, and Allrisk.

Zwei-Liter-Maschine GmbH, a partner based in Germany, provides facility and damage management programs for two German companies that have thousands of properties (i.e., vielWerk and Brasche Immobilien).

• When you get customers, is it hard to keep them?

Jetveo and its current partners have past performance that has proven to retain happy customers. Professional customer service, personal relationships, and, of course, effective apps, make for a strong foundation.

• Want to make a name for your company?

Jetveo personnel have decades of IT experience, but the app was released to programmers and the public at the beginning of 2022. It is growing, adjusting to market realities and actively promoting itself.

Your company would get recognition in the Jetveo Partner List and promotion within Jetveo marketing material. Come along for the ride.

• Need experts for specific facets of programming?

The Partner Program community has proven to be supportive and willing to help. There is a network of experts to share knowledge and contacts.

• Worried about security and cyberattacks?

Jetveo partners use the Azure Cloud to store its applications. If it is safe enough for most Fortune 500 companies, then it will handle more modest operations.

• Want to add another Revenue Stream?

Partners benefit from discounts. Add more customers and get a 20% affiliate fee on the end customer's monthly payment.

• Want reliable access to additional support?

By virtue of the personal relationships, partners get front-of-the-line attention when they need assistance.

• Need to quickly scale up?

When an app quickly becomes popular and attracts many more users (and requires more power) it is helpful to have a playbook that has been used successfully by other partners.

• Want input for the development of features that will be useful for you?

Partners have a direct line to the core of the Jetveo Platform. They are part of the decisions to create the new generation of the features and the roadmap.

If you are interested in all of these benefits, consider joining the Jetveo Partner Program.

Jetveo: Built for Developers by Developers

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