Low-code Programming Speeds Development

Email instead of mail. On-demand streaming instead of movie theaters. Deliveries instead of shopping.

Everywhere you look, speed and efficiency are hallmarks of contemporary society. People want things now and they want them without hassle.

The same applies to the development of technology: Customers want apps to bolster their business operations and they needed them yesterday.

That is where low-code programming comes in. Low-code programming is a system for automating the steps for developing apps, starting from nothing to creating a minimum viable product to having consultations with the client to publishing the app for end users. Intuitive graphic displays guide the user and sometimes custom code can be added.

Who Benefits from Low-code Programming?

The end customer gets advanced technology quickly. But low-code programming is especially beneficial for both senior and junior programmers because advanced features and complex code are handled through the intuitive interface. Low-code programming has features that are valuable for many different types of programmers:

  1. Senior developers benefit from the ease with which they can set foundations, then customize the apps. The better low-code platforms offer C# and the full .Net platform.
  2. Junior developers experiment with more advanced programming while contributing to larger projects.
  3. IT Departments organize work for teams to make quick in-house corrections, adjustments, and enhancements.
  4. Entrepreneurial Freelance Programmers quickly adjust existing apps (i.e., change a logo and some text) as they customize for different clients.

How Does Low-code Programming Help?

Low-code programming has many benefits throughout the entire development process:

  1. Get Value for Your Time
    Use established procedures and build upon existing foundations to eliminate repeatedly writing the same code.
  2. Don’t Waste Your Time
    Unnecessary time spent on one app is time not spent on the next one. There is a lot of business out there; don’t miss out on it.
  3. Host Your Apps in One Place
    Keep all of your projects together so that you can quickly maneuver from client to client in a secure location.
  4. Keep an Eye on Your Apps
    The better low-code platforms provide statistics and data so that you know when usage increases and an app needs a boost.
  5. Scale Up More Easily
    When apps become popular it is important to be able to quickly adjust in order to handle the extra load, without unnecessary cost.
  6. Minimum Viable Product
    Quickly generating an MVP makes it easier to add features and build up the app.

  1. Develop with the Customer
    Quick iterations enable the client to be part of the process to provide on-the-fly changes and customization options.
  2. Stay Agile
    Be prepared for real-world situations (i.e., the society upheaval of a pandemic) and help end-users realize new business opportunities (i.e., absorbing the customers of a competitor).
  3. Tools
    All necessary tools are available for building, testing and running your applications. NuGet packages and your favorite add-ons can be implemented in most low-code programs.
  4. Accumulate Experience
    Junior, novice and student developers can use the intuitive interface to start working immediately, getting their hands dirty and providing a real-world learning experience.

  1. Team Concept
    Large and complex projects can be broken into small pieces. And, if one programmer is unavailable, others can step right in to make quick changes.
  2. Intuitive User Interface
    The interface layout is consistent and recognizable for those who use popular coding software. Shortcut keystrokes make maneuvering fast. Magic-wand wizards streamline repetitive tasks. And automatic text is generated to save time.
  3. Support
    Help and guidance is often available, including introductory tours and tool-tip hints.

Jetveo provides the best of both worlds: the simplicity and efficiency of low-code programming with the flexibility and power of classic C# programming.

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