Jetveo Partner Program Provides Answers to Nagging Problems

Customers are impatient. Clients are demanding. Sometimes you need some help with an advanced feature. And everybody’s blood boils when a site is unavailable.

Make sure that you have the infrastructure and tools in place to stay on top of everything that will get thrown your way.

The Jetveo Platform and App Builder and the related Jetveo Partner Program provide the support to handle all of these difficulties: from locating customers, quickly and efficiently developing the requested apps, and maintaining the relationship into the future.

Large IT businesses, small bespoke development companies and entrepreneurial freelance programmers all benefit from the collective approach.

Alfaveo, one of the Jetveo partner companies, used the Jetveo Platform and App Builder to quickly and effectively build apps for clients that include ABB, the National Theatre of Prague, Bamboolik, Elanek, the City of Hradec Králove, finGood, and Allrisk.

Zwei-Liter-Maschine GmbH, a partner based in Germany, provides facility and damage management programs for two German companies that have thousands of properties (i.e., vielWerk and Brasche Immobilien).

There are many pain points that becoming a member of the Jetveo Partner Program alleviates:

  1. Are you tired of losing customers?
    Jetveo partners have past performance that has shown that they can locate customers, develop useful apps and retain those customers.
  2. Is your traditional approach to programming too slow?
    The Jetveo low-code approach enables you to quickly create a Minimum Viable Product to begin consultations with the customer, then add the features necessary to make it a reality.
  3. Struggling with the cost and availability of senior developers?
    High demand has put a premium (read: high price tag) on experience. A short learning curve empowers junior programmers and provides on-the-job experience.
  4. Need more customers?
    Finding customers can be difficult — unless you know where to look. The Jetveo Partner Program helps with the promotion of services and locating customers.

  1. Want to make a name for your company?
    Jetveo is growing and actively promoting itself. Your company would get recognition in the Jetveo Partner List and promotion within Jetveo marketing material. Come along for the ride.
  2. Not sure that you are tapping into your full potential?
    Training and certification ensure that programmers wring every last drop of usefulness out of Jetveo Platform and App Builder.
  3. Need experts in specific facets of the programming?
    The Partner Program community has proven to be supportive and willing to help. There is a network of experts to share knowledge and contacts.

  1. Need to quickly scale up?
    When an app quickly becomes popular and attracts many more users (and requires more power) having a playbook that has been used by other partners is helpful.
  2. Want input for the development of features that will be useful for you?
    Partners have a direct line to the core of the Jetveo Platform. They are part of the decisions to create the new generation of the features and the roadmap.
  3. Need a vibrant place to sell your apps?
    The Jetveo Marketplace includes ready-made solutions, metadata packages and plugins. It enables you to access a vibrant place for promoting and selling your handiwork.

  1. Worried about security and cyberattacks?
    Jetveo partners use the Azure Cloud to store its applications. If it is safe enough for most Fortune 500 companies, then it will handle more modest operations.
  2. Want to save money on maintenance fees, without losing quality?
    Partners benefit from discounts. Add more customers and get a 20% affiliate fee on the end customer's monthly payment.
  3. Want reliable access to additional support?
    By virtue of the personal relationships, partners get front-of-the-line attention when they need assistance.

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