Secure Your Passwords with a Bespoke System

Establish a password management system for your business with bespoke software. It is safe, yet inexpensive.

What is your strategy for establishing safe and secure passwords?

Do you use lines from your favorite poem? Among_20_snowy_mountains,was_the_i_of_the_blackbird

Do you use a password generator? 9bY/r22gY+_y!\v/. Make sure to remember the pneumonic: 9 bestbuy YELP / rope 2 2 golf YELP + _ yelp ! \ visa /

Or do you just use: “password” or “12345678”. [Note: Don't do that.]

Most of us have dozens of passwords saved in online repositories that are accessible through — of course —one really solid unbreakable password. There is no way around it: you have to remember that one.

The problem is, what if you are a business? What if you have dozens of employees, each with passwords for email, internal software, what have you. And what if you have routers and wifi and on and on. And what happens if Karen in accounting is always forgetting her password?

Passwords are the weakest link of any security system because people, invariably, make mistakes, either through flawed memory or ill-advised attempts at naming simplicity. Many offices still have monitors with yellow post-it notes that are full of important passwords.

A password management system, with a complete access log and master-password protection, is an effective way to counter that potential flaw.

Secure Database with Iron-clad Access Rights

BezvaIT, a Brno, Czech Republic-based IT company that does business around the world, needed a simple tool to store passwords from many systems. It had to be safe, secure, and easy to use.

Clearly, unique logins and passwords are near impossible to maintain for hundreds of routers and hardware devices.

Jetveo tools were used to create a management system to keep the passwords organized and accessible. Now, using master-password protection, whenever a login and password are necessary for a wifi router or a piece of software, the customer and location provides straightforward access to a user who has the proper personal credentials.

Everything is noted and maintained in an audit log.

How long did development take? Four hours.

The Jetveo Platform and App Builder was designed to be safe and secure for any apps that are built on it. With the Azure Cloud, data is guaranteed to be maintained in a safe place. (If it is good for Microsoft and its products, then you can rest assured that it will be safe for your apps.)

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