Case Study

Brasche Immobilien - Mobile Backend

Personal relationships and a hands-on approach are key to keeping customers happy in any industry. When it comes to handling property, like reporting damage, communication is key for dealing with concerns and making the proper decisions. With business logic in the back end and a mobile app as a thin front end, developing and maintaining a strong foundation for communication is possible through a back-end CRUDL API.
We see our task as competently and comprehensively taking over all areas of the management, letting and sale of your property. We attach great importance to ensuring the best possible positioning on the market and long-term value enhancement through the consistent management and care of the properties. Personal contact as well as the quick handling of your concerns have always been particularly important to us.
I was surprised how fast they could build new applications. We had a finalized back end with all of the necessary business logic before we even had time to agree on the UI for mobile application.

Facility managers needed a way to effectively collect information from hundreds of properties, including for damage reports and observations from their daily routes, and to maintain connections with customers.


A new mobile application was developed to populate the back end in order to effectively render timely information for company staff. Facility managers and maintenance workers get images of problems in the properties. An API connection puts all of the images and information on the mobile application. Now, the proper information is relayed through the app to maintenance staff so that they grab the proper tools. Creating reports has been simplified.

Development with Jetveo
316 hours

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